This TCP Course will qualify you to work as a Traffic Control Person (TCP) in low/moderate risk situations, making you a valuable employee, with emphasis on safety and efficiency.

TCP courses are often presented as dull, static PowerPoint slides or worse still, students are just handed a manual to study before taking the test. We change this by making our course more interesting, more interactive and dynamic, providing examples and explanations along the way.

Our course is taught in an easy to understand format which includes slides, text, pictures, animated diagrams and for your easy comprehension, an audio voiceover track explaining and describing all the course components.

You can also follow along using our Free, downloadable TCP Manual & Guide in PDF format, with the various slides in this course related to specific pages in the manual. You can print out a copy of this manual directly from your Internet Browser.

This course contains 6 modules as follows:

1. Introduction

2. WCA Procedures & Guidelines

3. The TCP Manual for Work on Roadways

4. The MVA – Motor Vehicle Act of BC (relevant excerpts)

5. Working with Heavy Equipment

6. Conclusion

You may review and revise the sections & slides as often as you wish. Following completion of the course modules to your satisfaction, you may take the test online (click on the ‘Take test’ button) and if you are successful, you will be sent a ‘Certificate of Completion’ by email.

$24.95 Canadian Funds

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